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As the shrill sound of sirens increases, Mira grasps Aleksandra’s hand; she is the oldest child in the group who knows the meaning of siren.

Only after a telephone call, on the next day without any hesitation Alejandra took her child and joined Veronica’s family on the journey to Lviv from where they planned to go to Denmark. Two friends with their children and mother started their journey with the essentials they could take.

War has changed everything. The unpredictable aggression of the neighboring country started on 24th february,2022. More than 4 million people flew from the motherland to the neighboring countries with fear in their eyes. The mass destruction of their fellow citizens and the properties left them blank and without any hope.
The journey of this family is a reflection of millions of misfortunes.

Veronica and Alekjandra , friends for more than ten years. They have faith in each other to support themselves in the risky journey of 35 hours crossing the Polish border.
At that time the war had already started. They just left in their pajamas with some warm clothes on. They cannot even bring their favorite dress or the red lipstick.
Leaving the country forcefully is always painful, for them also it is not easy to say goodbye to their parents, and grandparents; for the age who denied leaving the country.

Somehow, they managed to leave their hometown Zaporizhya, Ukraine but their husbands couldn't. Though their husbands are not in the military, according to Government law; all the male between 18-60 should be in the country for the war; they have to fight for the nation.
Women and children have only safe passage to another country.

Veronica (31yrs) with her two children Karoline (9months), Evan (2.5 yrs) and her mother Natalia (52yrs) are now staying in Aarhus with her friend Aleksandra (30yrs) and her daughter Miraslova (8yrs).
They are almost settled now. Denmark welcomed them very well.
They are living in an apartment in Central Aarhus but fear of war is still there in their mind.

After getting the apartment they love to go around the city only to forget the war situation and tension regarding all these.
Alekjandra tries to think it is just a tour to Denmark; they want to explore Denmark as much as they can. When the tour is over, they will return to their home soon.

Goosebumps still appear when Alekjandra talks about fleeing from Ukraine, when she talks about her cat, her plant she had to leave back in the home.
Veronica loves to recall their life back in Ukraine, she had a busy professional and personal life there. When showing photos in her iPhone she scrolled back when the photos of borders came.
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